RESURRECTION AND RENEWAL: The Making of the Babi Movement in Iran, 1844-1850


by Abbas Amanat

Cornell University Press

The most complete academic treatment of the early years of the Babi religion. With energy and power, Abbas Amanat communicates fully the sense of elation and terror that accompanied the birth of the New Age. He recounts the full story of the early years of the Bab's religion--the early converts and martyrs, the message of the Prophet, the shaping of the community, and the final break with Islam. A brilliant and important work of scholarship!

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"Resurrection and Renewal is in my judgment one of the most important books written on nineteenth-century Iran, and perhaps the fullest account we have of the development of any ideological movement in the Islamic Middle East in the nineteenth century. The story of how eschatological expectations became converted into a new religion is told here with exacting scholarship and an abundance of detail." -- Roy Mottahedeh, Professor of Islamic History, Harvard University