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TÁHIRIH: A PORTRAIT IN POETRY: Selected Poems of Qurratu'l-'Ayn: Studies in the Babi and Baha'i Religions, Volume 17

Tahirih: A Portrait in Poetry

translated and edited by Amin Banani, Ph.D., English poems by Jascha Kessler, Ph.D. and Anthony A. Lee

A breathtaking collection of poems, published in the original Persian with translations into exciting English poetry. Here Tahirih speaks for herself and proclaims her Cause. Her voice is sometimes triumphant, sometimes heartbreaking--but always irresistible. Dr. Banani provides an important introduction to the work that discusses Tahirih in the context of the literary history of Persia. He also provides copious notes, at the back of the book, for each poem. The poetry itself is astonishingly beautiful and deeply spiritual! It stands as a monument to this remarkable woman.

Tahirih's poems are well known among the Persian Baha'is, but until now there has been no suitable translation of her work that would give English-speaking readers a sense of her genius. Now Amin Banani, Professor Emeritus at UCLA in Persian history and literature; Jascha Kessler, Professor of English at UCLA; and Anthony A. Lee, historian and award-winning poet, have teamed to produce this translation of her work. The poems are brilliant in the emotional impact and prophetic in their themes. They should become familiar parts of Baha'i Feasts, Holy Day celebrations, and devotional gatherings.

Price: $21.00 paperback

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